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Medical Imaging of Manhattan would like to welcome you to our practice and thank you for your trust in choosing us for your radiology examination. We take the lives and health of our patients very seriously, and are committed to excellence in patient care. To this end, we have assembled a staff of highly trained radiologists, technologists and assistants to service all of your needs. One of the many ways that our practice differs from most is that all of your images are reviewed by a second physician in our group; it is like getting a second opinion for free! Another unique hallmark of our practice is that all patients are offered a consultation with a radiologist in NYC of their choice at the time of their visit.

We Now Have Tomosynthesis Technology

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About Our Facility

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We are proud to inform you that ours was the first private radiological facility in the United States to acquire Full-Field Digital Mammography. Two systems were installed beginning in June of 2000 and we have had the most experience with this modality of anywhere in the world. When you come for your visit with us, your exam will be performed by one of our technologists. You will then consult with one of our NYC radiologists who, after studying your images, will meet with you and will review your medical history, perform a pertinent physical exam, discuss the interpretation of your results, make recommendations for follow-up, and answer your questions.

After your visit here, your images will be reviewed by another radiologist within the group, and an official report will be transmitted to your referring physician.

Medical Imaging of Manhattan is accredited by the American College of Radiology and the FDA for Full-Field Digital Mammography.

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